Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Weather For It

Thursday 16th June 2011, A. Palmer

With the sun begging the curtains be
undrawn to mother red wine eyes,
I had stirred earlier than usual
so I even ate breakfast that day.

The headlines were jovial,
I finally replied to that text message,
and the starlings had not spooked when I
hurled my last round of toast and honey to them.

Later, whilst Charles Mingus captured
Antibes all over again upstairs,
I had strolled through cherry blossom litter
en route to pleasant time-killing, and had stood

barely thirty yards away when it happened.
The brakes shrieked with the 1960 crowd
and the burning rubber was the sole thing
to have pierced my sense of smell since

my rare cup of coffee for the hangover.
A beautiful day to go, he had died
before I could process what I was witnessing,
before the hubcap had pulled up outside Mrs Bannister’s.


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  2. i love how your mind works..cherry blossom litter...not sure though if i get if really someone died or just the beautiful day died or the coffee cup got crashed by the car...? maybe it's already too late...eyes give the brakes shrieking with the 1960 crowd though.. and cool to see you over at dVerse. do you know the pub on the header by the way..? could's the troubadour in london/earls court..smiles

  3. ouch. Some wonderful descriptive passages here and the gravity of the event is almost by-the-way, and this makes it kick harder. Fine write man

  4. the vivid description and putting us write there when it happened...the hubcap at the end is top notch...

  5. Great descriptive write, really bringing your words to life. Wonderfully done!

  6. Great verse Arron. A pleasure to read. The experience true. 1960 crowd got me good.

  7. Such detail in this Arron, love the Mingus reference. Mystery as well, bit of 'wiggle room' for the reader to ponder. Cool write.