Monday, 13 June 2011

Slipping Down the Learning Curve

Monday 13th June 2011, A. Palmer

Yesterday’s conversation,
or interview given my clammy jaw,
was lovely. At least for me.
For you, in my imagination,
it was, at best, sore-
invitation for impromptu soliloquy-,
as any exchange I have fares well
until I open my mouth.
The whole time, you had some chap
mortaring food order shells
from an age two years south
that you let skip over your serving cap.
The whole time, I had cries
from my stomach to the tune of “alien life!”,
whilst the chips wrestled butterflies for room.
I was lost in your Saturday eyes,
and the realisation I’d met my wife.
So before your manager’s detonation loomed
a fourth time, with dry lips
I popped the question:
“Will you tell me where the bathroom is, Claire?”
Rid of my cowardice and chips,
but not the butterflies, the test run
was aborted and I left without looking, knocking over a chair.


  1. awww this is lovely arron...made me the saturday eyes..

  2. Thank you Claudia! Was just reminiscing my first ever crush on a girl in a burger bar when I was thirteen and wrote this in about ten minutes. Will probably take it down at some point to refine it, but thank you for taking a look!

  3. haha...this is awesome...only in as much as i can operation aborted perhaps you will get up the gumption later...can totally see this aaron...

  4. Wonderful expression of nerves, and trying to make an impression. Well penned.

  5. Ha, this is funny and flows really well. Nice!

  6. haha really funny write, nerves can sometimes get the better of most anyone.

  7. The view from the other gender - while the girl thinks, "huh, why did he bolt and knock over the chair; he had really nice eyes even if he was a bit kooky."

  8. There's humor here, yes, but I remember reading it when I posted it, thinking, there's an underlying seriousness here, too. Good poem, Arron.