Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Matter, Anti-Matter and What Matters

Tuesday 3rd May 2011, A. Palmer

Quick, there's that star that looks like our rotten egg-blue again.
The cloud in front has returned to his seat,
and we've been given a good view again.

I didn't see you'd left your eyes at your feet.

Which is why I didn't know you'd stood in the quicksand-
I'd gone first up the ladder and assumed that you'd followed.
Why didn't you say anything as you sank like bricks and
why were you dribbling? You hadn't even swallowed,

let alone called out for help, and now the excess enzymes
your mouth had worked around the clock to get out
were making a break for it down your cocktail dress in limes.
The fen wasn't going to claim those, I had no doubt.

All of a sudden, all this time I'd been bogged down with answers
to questions I hadn't tried to understand.
Like what was before? What were the chances?
And could I truly discount an invisible Hand?

It's a good a theory as any, what take are we on here?
Can't be the first time, or at least I hope not,
because then we'll know how to rebuild it all in a few years,
when the sun decides that's it and murders the fucking lot.

That's when I'd looked back at you, and it hit me from the East,
that you are precious and I hoped find you again in the remake.
We're just blips in time, but we're that at least,
so let's leave the forces to themselves, I fancy a milkshake.

I snapped my ladder and you grabbed hold of my wood.
You fused splinters but left them in like mine.
The cloud stood up to watch us leave and the egg was gone for good.
I didn't mind, my star was beside me in a quagmire brine,

nearly lost but found all the more for it.
I walked it home, holding its peppered hand,
and it squeezed mine tightly, still wordless, though it winced a bit,
and I left my questions in the quicksand.


  1. i love your surreal take on relationship issues here arron..and i'm glad the cloud returned to his seat and the view is good again.. great imagery

  2. wow, great poem... unique way of expressing ups & downs

  3. realtionships can be quite the journey and you took us on one that was a visual delight...

  4. a battle of emotions. a battle of words~~~relations speaking through words :)

  5. amazingly put of the chop and change in relationships.

  6. your poem allowed me to cross over to the other side of the mirror and i loved being there...the many facets your poem exhibits...my imagination totally smitten with your vivid imagery and thought provoking analogies...and for once i am thinking on a much deeper level, one in which i am often afraid to visit because reality is too harsh...perhaps, i still dream that the world will wake up before the sun "decides that's it"...the sensuality in your words help carry one back to a much more worthwhile reality...brilliant writing...

  7. 'I'd gone first up the ladder and assumed that you'd followed' that was the first line that struck me. This is really amazing - the whole thing I mean, not just that one line. Oh, and great title as well.

  8. All of those questions left to sink in the end. Thought provoking poem and a very interesting read.


  9. if love is crazy
    pharmaceutical rep says
    why not take this pill?


  10. This is like a Dali painting come to life. I enjoyed the imagery a lot. Now, may I have some of what you're drinking?

    Thank you for stopping by my place, Arron. I appreciate it.

  11. though-provoking read, Arron. Dig this. Your end-rhymes feel easy and unforced, extra kudos since you're going with a-b-a-b rather than just a-b-c-b

    Great job; sorry so long getting back to ya


  12. I love the line "I didn't see you'd left your eyes at your feet." And the sexual innuendos are very effective. Nice piece.

  13. Palpable poem, expressing a great deal philosophically through sensory images. The open-ended questioning works extremely well with the speaker's bent to live in the moment reconciled with pleasures not limited to milkshakes and stargazing. Great cadence too. Excellent poetry.