Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fill Him Noir

Sunday 1st May 2011, A. Palmer

Did he, as the leader, really lead?
Or did he mistake breadcrumb for seed
of thorough
innovation, deceived by her grief-borne greed
and coaxed along a merry path at speed
to desert pains? Gone.
He insisted she wouldn't have missed him.

He showed her scrawls she'd painted,
and directed movie scenes in his mind, tainted
with the slow
songs they'd danced to drunk and dainty,
until a spiced rum, not unlike her, fainted
whilst its blood shone
in his body like some alien confidence.

And he spoke to her in French,
like an infatuated teacher fallen from the fence.
Even though,
she never allowed him to finish the sentence,
arrive at the word that sounded best when tense-
the clincher one-
before she kissed him.

The way she coiled herself around his core,
tugged and toiled and teased before
letting go,
leaving him open-mouthed in request for encore,
told him she already knew more
than she let on,
so it shouldn't have been such a surprise consequence;

her letting go for the final time,
not allowing him to finish his sentence,
as he pleaded for one more crumb,
whilst her credits rolled.


  1. Love and loss film style.

    Dig it!

  2. Hello stranger, thought I'd come pay a visit as I've been AWOL for a while.

    Really digging this one. For some reason the first stanza made me think of Miguel Otero Silva's beautiful poem in the 'The Motorcycle Diaries'.

    Interesting structure/rhyme scheme to the piece. Love the penultimate stanza, particularly

    The way she coiled herself around his core,
    tugged and toiled and teased before
    letting go

    Nice progression in the piece too.

  3. Hey there! Long time no speak. Thank you for dropping in. I love how my poem took you back to another. I hadn't read it actually until you mentioned it here, but it really is rather beautiful. I do like experiment with rhyme schemes, I must work on experimenting as much with meters too. Thanks again, and I hope everything is okay/better with you these days?

  4. Also, so sorry Matt! Only just noticed coming back to reply to Carys/Julie that you'd visited this one. Thanks so much for the comment man!