Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The Swoon

Tuesday 1st March 2011, A. Palmer

Even your silhouette was beautiful,
cast against a wall painted in your favourite moon.
I watched the ice cubes drip to flutes from full
and swallowed you’d be going soon.

Ignoring the swoon,

I edged in closer so that perfect mix
of security and fear I’d come to adore
teased my senses one final time, their tricks
suggesting you may have said more.

I drew short, before
ignoring the swoon.
See, reality I’m struggling to keep
apart from what I dream it is because somehow
I live another life when I’m asleep:
one where I’m with you years from now,

drawing straws by plough;
I drew short before.
Ignoring the swoon

is what I recall deciding was right
all those moons ago but it was too strong a play.
It’s dropped me dead with too much life tonight,
so I am pleading that you pray

lights take me away
to draw straws by plough-
I drew short before;
don’t ignore the swoon.


  1. Mate! Nice poem. Love the build- very lyrical. :)

  2. Cheers James! I enjoyed this unusual form of using repeating 5-syllable refrains. Thanks for stopping by.