Sunday, 13 February 2011

Upon First Meeting

Sunday 13th February 2011, A. Palmer

Love-drunk was a coin I had never spent,            
though I could see its meaning clear enough.     
I laughed at fools who begged that I repent       
and sank another shot then cursed the stuff.

I seemed happy to send drinks to their deaths,
‘til a bar of all places staged our meeting.
I spoke best I could between taken breaths;
to crack that smile was simply cheating.

Time skipped by, how it appears to relish
to deny one’s requests for fun to drag.
Nerves kept threatening to throw chips and fish
and trade them with butterflies in a bag.

Love-drunk was a coin I had never spent
for in love I had taken only sips,
but then the room span, and I passed out bent
the very moment you passed my lips.