Saturday, 5 February 2011

Heavy-Handed Confession

Saturday 5th February 2011, A. Palmer

I gave it all I had without reserve or reflection;
I’m not one for cut-and-paste.
Yes, perhaps I tried a little too hard and as such,
ended up pushing you away disengraftedly-
not unlike a sculptor who shaves a shard too much
in his pursuit of perfection,
and is left with a formless, useless waste.

Then, attempting to immortalise you,
he finds he’s crafted me.


  1. disengraftedly...that is a laoded word. great images of perfection lost and found by the artist.

  2. You managed to twist a lot of reality into your symbols and images, keeping a minimalist style with just that one spotlighted word--stands out like a diamond on velvet...extremely effective and well-written piece.