Sunday, 2 January 2011


Sunday 2nd January 2011, A. Palmer

As the early worm escaped the bird
and the morning light broke in
through flimsy blinds I, in a lack of foresight,
preferred to curtains,
we finally fell asleep.

You clambered on top of me,
lighter than I thought even you would be.
There we lay and worked our breathing
into a rhythm comfortable for both of us:
I inhaled when you exhaled, breathing you in.

To the morning burgling and prying,
we looked as though we were mirroring one another,
or sleeping in a cradle,
or in the middle of a warzone, you
protecting me.

It was an intimate moment,
one I’d immediately recall if we ever broke up,
when we spotted one another in a bar
and tried to ignore that we once
slept breast to breast.


  1. It's beautiful, Arron. An intensely personal, private moment that draws us in.

  2. so beautiful, warm and intimate. I love that you've already created the post break-up encounter scenario. Don't we all do that?

    All the best to you in 2011

  3. Thank you both, yes here I am laying my cards on the floor, not even the table. It was such a nice experience in real life, one I instantly knew I'd immediately dredge up if, God forbid, we ever broke up and bumped into one another.

  4. Gorgeous and Rene is right, intimate and sensual Arron.

  5. Thank you so much RS, those two words were exactly what I was going for :)