Friday, 7 January 2011


Friday 11th November 2010 - Friday 7th January 2011, A. Palmer

Scant splinters of success
might pepper my past occasionally,
though they ran away with me at the time, I confess,
appearing inflated, an asinine celebrity.
But it was brief, and cast out with crumpled crest,
I flocked to dark corners and a midnight sanctuary.
Lovers I thought I knew, smiles I swore were earnest,
soon fell and faded into obscurity
for me to forget.

Then you came along,
so absent-mindedly brilliantly in a mess.
You stole first my ears with your song
before my eyes spoke of a beauty so beautifully effortless.
Witnessing you sail above your throng
whilst you had no idea only served to further impress,
yet yielded no clues as to how you righted all those wrongs.
You certainly matter more than ever I imagined, yes
you who reset.

I ceased playing the toilet tours-
with you as my anchor, I ventured out
to farther reaches and foreign shores.
You gifted me the chance to vanquish doubt
and blossom into who I was at my core.
You might’ve saved a life for me to live, but without
a soul mate to share in everything and more,
that life may be fated to fail about
its very offset.

So, if I may, I’d like to stake a claim-
deciding you’re the one to teach me to put on a greater show,
it’s clear at least you will always believe my fame
and I’d go nowhere if you weren’t there to follow.
So I yearn to know if you’d like to share a surname,
because, to my tenor, you’re my mezzo-soprano
and our music could and should ring out to all’s acclaim-
I’m done and dusted with going solo,
can we duet?

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  1. yeah like this one. 'pepper my past' - great phrase.. love the 'mezzo-soprano' metaphor also. Great write


    Luke @ WordSalad