Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Usual Tuesday

Wednesday 8th December 2010, A. Palmer

Living is merely dying for the optimist.
So if I make mistakes a growing trend-
like losing you, loving you, meeting you- it
shouldn’t matter much in the end.

I guess I’ll just work utilising the
impuissant intervals of interest I can
rally the strength to muster and the degree
I once prized and had underpin every plan.

I may meet some other dislike-minded
failure, and settle into a marriage and home
of convenience, mutual recognition of last chances
and rising fears of being alone.

I’ll raise the children led to believe
that Daddy and Mummy were born husband and wife,
the same children named after crossing off
the ones earmarked in and for a happier life.

I’ll live in the same town I grew hope in,
and stifle the restlessness I tendered as truth,
whilst passing off Paris, London and the Elbow Rooms
as the improbable pipe dreams of youth.

Then I’ll die in a blaze of Usual Tuesdayness,
convincing myself I had lived half-well,
but deep down I’d rue I never knew happiness
like the sort once brought by my February Belle.


  1. The para on marriage is my biggest fear!
    Love the rueful story-telling kinda style...

  2. Well said... marriage and children of convience are unsettling. Your deep cut honesty
    is not impuissant. I am going to listen to The Moody Blues Tuesday afternoon lyrics again. Thanks Arron.