Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lain Puisi Cinta

Tuesday 7th December 2010, A. Palmer

“I feel like I’ve lost my heart and my right arm,”
she moaned about losing you.
Well, that’s what happens
if you wear your heart on your sleeve.

“Come on,” I said,
“Put your coat on; let’s get out of here for a while.”
Dressing her was so, so...
I can’t think how to put it.

“He doesn’t care does he?
“How can he ever have cared?”
It’d be so tempting to agree,
to slip into the lead here, but I can’t.

“Where are we going?”
The break in her whimper was surprising.
“Wherever the car takes us.”
The healing properties of getting lost
made her smile.

“That’s it,” I encouraged,
“you sure you haven’t been touching up your make up?
“This breakdown looks a bit Hollywood to me.”

She told me off for complimenting her,
but I could tell it had warmed her
to hear a positive review.
So whilst she returned to reflecting on you, I

shuffled her through the winter afternoon
like an elderly mother,
and all I could think was
the lighthouse saves you from the dark,
but who saves the lighthouse?


  1. I think your work is fabulous. The inner thought in italics works well in counterpoint to the real time action. It's good I hadn't read this before I wrote the poem I had for the photo prompt last Sunday or I might have been tempted. I stayed stream of consciousness. This has a poignancy that lies between the lines. Well done and thank you. Gay Cannon@beachanny

  2. Wow, that was a beautiful poem. She is very lucky to have such a caring person in her life, to lift her up when she is down. I loved the ending as well. Great One Shot!

  3. Arron, it's amazing how these poems seem to pour from you - and they're all good, betetr than good.

  4. I really appreciate your ability to say things simply and clearly without any loss of impact or even of subtlety. In many ways, subtlety seems reinforced by your use of understatement. It's a great gift. I've enjoyed both this and your other poem featured at One Stop. keep up the excellent work.

  5. the healing power of getting lost...this one touched me ina place i needed...

  6. but who saves the lighthouse...? you love her..! another great work arron - warm-hearted and sensitive and i love the switch between what is said and what is thought - great work

  7. i would liek to believe that that no matter how people react, an act of sweetness/goodness always bring a warm spot in their heart

  8. I dig the 'double voice' you used in your One Shot, Aaron.

  9. This is a great one shot. I also love the way you use your inner thoughts in italics. Love and Light, Sender

  10. yet another wonderful share aaron...cheers pete

  11. Good interplay of complaint and silent counter-argument. Strong work.

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