Friday, 17 December 2010

In Green Ink

Friday 17th December 2010, A. Palmer

I love you through a desire so strong,
even I do not understand it fully.
My heart, and my stomach when I see you,
seem to do so better than me.

I love you through a vulnerability-
a fear I now appear to harbour due
to a possibility you may be gone one day,
despite the fact I lasted twenty one years without you.

I love you through nights spent apart,
when my eyes pick out your possessions first,
and my mind turns to you despite never departing,
as sleep discharges the dreams I’ve nursed.

I love you through a new language:
words blooming like the first opening flower-
what they will look like cannot be known,
but the anticipation is the truer power.

I love you through tough tests,
when it is perhaps best not to confess that you love still what’s dark.
No one can match, or catch the sail of your soul
quite like the one who can sink the ship with a single remark.

I love you through living.
Each day dawns to confine the last to our history,
and I smile a hearty smile- one so warm
my cheeks flush and leave nothing to mystery.

I love you through a bird song.
One you need barely hear, as long as it can be heard in hints.
I could trace your being to its music flawlessly,
as the image rests upon my ghost like a pair of handprints.

I love you through all of these things.
But I love through none of these things too,
You make me; I exist only as us now that we’ve met,
so I love you as though that’s all I’m here to do.


  1. your words are sweet and wise.
    divine piece.

  2. another beautiful and heartfelt write arron - esp. liked..No one can match, or catch the sail of your soul..