Thursday, 16 December 2010

After The Dusk Has Settled

Thursday 16th December 2010, A. Palmer

The room smelt of straightened hair-
burnt serum, split ends
and all other things false.
The room smelt of her.

Scanning around, I couldn’t help
but notice the lack of direction
and decisiveness in the decor:
she was at a loss as to who she was, the room admitted.

Earnestly, she studied the mirror.
Her hairspray curtain parting revealed the ugly truth.
The perfume bottle paused in midair as
the thought took hold.

I saw it before it happened,
but I was stood too far away for intervention.
She sucked her top lip as she always does,
and began to weep.


  1. Many interventions amiss. This miss will recover, no? I have many women in my house and the bathroom is always full of possible interventions.

  2. One hopes for her sake the mirror only reflects the surface. Excellent first stanza and well-written throughout.

  3. lovely piece.

    reality is hard of course.
    thanks for putting a fancy face on those...

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