Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Nameless, Shameful

Tuesday 9th November 2010, A. Palmer

The photograph, cute and opportunistically shot,
Deceived from atop a peeling shelf,
As greyscale romance faded into full colour
And reality pierced fiercer.

A future model’s jaw line greened, marred by lumps and mottled marks,
Whilst her damson skin made a poppy bruise mere child’s play.
She hoarded her paltry possessions away from my pocketed clutches:
Stained, cliché-eyed doll and car with unoriginal driver

Passed over for a hymen long ago.

A faded, ill-fitting top revealed a grip-thick stomach,
Scratched like a cat post and swollen like a paler edition
Of ones you see on slow-motion appeals.
I felt dirty to have caught a glimpse of her navel.

Clearing throat, and trying hard to look past
Big brown eyes, full of broken capillaries
Sullying young sclerae like cherries popping,
I bent slowly down, negotiating the movement

Inch by inch with the quivering poor sod.

I sighed at the absent, back-arching panting of one
Whose breath had caught in their lungs,
And stopped momentarily at the recoil towards a soiled skirting board,
Splintering like sapping bark, as if

To push the child towards me, and sanctuary.
I understood I was identical to the infant’s image
Of indescribable suffering, but stood firm, held voice soft.
She came with me, past sobbing, repentant mother,

Past the lying photograph. That little bedroom.


  1. wow.
    well done.
    everyone has a child inside, you are doing a perfect job.

  2. oh man intense post...i work with kids that have been abused and it turned my stomach...ack. one that would stoop so low as to harm a child...just shake my head...

  3. this is a heavy hitter

    too many nameless children put in this position
    what the photo doesn't tell eh???

    thanks my friend for the support and the One shot

    Moon smiles

  4. This is a powerful and gripping One Shot, Arron.

  5. I would have a lifetime and still I won't understand the madness that would drive a person to abuse a child.I've read blogs of people who were abused as children.It brought so much rage and anger I never thought I had in me.

    Thanks for this.Powerful one shot!

  6. Dear Arron

    Great verse... loved the imagery.. enjoyed your words .. like 'I sighed at the absent, back-arching panting of one
    Whose breath had caught in their lungs,'
    Thanks a lot.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay
    Blog: http://shadowdancingwithmind.blogspot.com

  7. whew....intense...well written...i am glad you chose to share this...pete