Monday, 25 October 2010

This Chair Can Be Throne Away

Thursday 21st October 2010, A. Palmer

He sits upon his creaking throne-
Quiet, thorn-faced, his sturdy frame regressing on its own.

The unmaimed messenger had left through a side door;
The completed exit was still echoing along its dusty tour,
Ringing off crevices to fill the void left by the words, only four

But none more assassin-like could ever enter one’s head:
By the second, he had known what further two were ahead,
And had turned so as to try to avoid the stab all would dread-
Short pause, as long as a lifetime, before, “your son is dead.”

He had bore pleadingly into the other’s eyes, longing for a sign
That a mishearing had occurred somewhere along the line
Or along the three feet of desk, or perhaps the two combined.
But it had not been present, only one who dared not recline
Nor rise to rash urges to opine.

They had waited to be dismissed, some wait given the shock they’d had to air
And try as they might, there had been little they’d been able to prepare
To cushion the collapse of his resolve when the disbelief became despair
So they had left unnoticed whilst telephone, intray and tears crashed everywhere
Before all fell deathly still, save for closing door and creaking cathedra, or chair-
Kingdom crushed like a child beneath a car, it’s no throne without an heir.


  1. outstanding work,
    love your beautiful imagination.
    superb word flow.
    keep rocking.

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  3. agh - tough write with some powerful lines - esp. liked thorn-faced

  4. Excellent it had a LOTR quality of another world

    touching piece - great write
    would make a good shot story

    thanks for sharing with One Shot

    Moondust flying threw the air

  5. Read wisdom in your lines; among sadness and vivid imagery. Your tone strikes me as searching. Thorny face is quite memorable, as are the lines involving regression and the crushing of a child. Excellent poetry.

  6. Antiquely modern..a monarchy at the end of a governing span and assassins wait inside the gate. Very cool structure and extremely imaginative as noted above. Well done, my friend. Gay

  7. This one suggests an edge, a despair that cuts. Good one, Arron.

  8. wonderful verse...painful at times certainly but also dripping with lessons learned...

  9. As a father, this speaks to me. Nice One Shot, Aaron!

  10. If I didn't know better, I would swear this was an Arron Palmer poem. Good stuff. Couldn't help but make light of your whimsical masthead.

  11. Clever title, emotionally intense work - excellent.