Friday, 8 October 2010

Hand Paint in Black

Thursday 4th February 2010 (for LNH), A. Palmer

I like to watch you paint-
Whirling wonder, lash the linen duck with the love I lack,
Lost in the strings of the song in our night-time hearts,
Hand paint in black.

Wishing it could be anything it ain’t,
I’ll stand against a thousand hours’ work at the back:
Modestly flawed to you, but masterpieces to me-
Hand paint in black.

We’re not bad, simply sinning saints.
Colours and words could run but one’s enough to make us crack
As I decide one day like this a year’d see me right.
Hand paint in black.

You’re perfection I’ll only taint
But the way you create a whole new world for me, such a knack-
I could watch you for a lifetime because my soul bares a handprint:
Hand paint in black.

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