Friday, 15 October 2010

The Answer

Friday 15th October 2010, A. Palmer

‘Turn that up, I like it,’ she said at last.
I did so as if I would die for her.
Then those tears began to splash against her makeshift socks,
I didn’t know what to do so I cried too.

‘It’s funny,’ she said, ‘I thought this was in the past’.
I said, ‘doesn’t look as though you’re laughing’.
Silence fell, so did I as I laid lips against laboured locks-
I could make a bed of that hair but it’s not mine to.

Where do you go when you’re on the edge?
Do you turn back or do you jump?
We leapt but the fall was further than we thought,
The hope we’d hit the ground running is what we hung on to.

But now we both watch tequila trail to a worn lime wedge,
And those sweet smiles turn to tears to provide the salt.
It’s hard to watch a love fall away when you’re still caught-
It’s hard when those tears are falling not for you.

If Life can be likened to one life-long lesson,
Then I guess there’s no line between teacher and pupil.
And once you’re chosen you don’t get to choose at all
The bad days make the good days great and sure,

I don’t have the answers and when I do, I forget the question
All I know is, for her, I don’t mind losing
Because if that means she wins, I never really lose at all-
Suppose that’s the answer I’ve been looking for.

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